Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at Cornerstone is a hands-on education,
a cultural experience far beyond tourism,
and a self-guided opportunity to discover what you can achieve.


Cornerstone Programs represent the general areas in which we serve. They are relatively unstructured, allowing you to plug into existing projects and/or to initiate new projects that grow out of your capabilities, interests and goals. Some projects you develop will come to completion when you return home; others become long-term elements of a Program and will continue after your departure. In either case, you’ll have enjoyed a rich opportunity to make a difference, to touch hearts, and to be touched by your Belizean experience.

As a volunteer, you’ll represent Cornerstone among our professional community, as well as the community at large. Some volunteers work primarily with a Cornerstone-based project, while others work primarily with collaborating organizations in the community. Either way, you’ll work with the Cornerstone staff to determine your projects. Click here to meet the staff.

Volunteers come for a minimum of three months. This gives you time to acclimate to the culture and environment so your service will be meaningful and significant. Note: If you can’t be away for three or more months, read about our two week Health Education Opportunities.

Cornerstone Volunteers enjoy a simple and
pleasant lifestyle. Accommodations
are furnished with rustic makeshift bunk beds.
There is no television.

Housing in a Cornerstone facility is covered by your contribution. If you traveled before in the developing world, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t, you’ll find the amenities fewer than those of most industrialized countries, but quite comfortable. For many Belizean natives, Cornerstone housing is even luxurious. New volunteers quickly adapt to a simpler existence, sharing a kitchen and bathroom with other volunteers. Couples and families are housed in separate accommodations.

Cornerstone Office, Housing,
and Program Center
San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize
Pictures of San Ignacio

Volunteers also contribute financially to our efforts, helping to sustain the organization. And to assure us of your commitment, we must receive your nonrefundable deposit within 30 days of your application being accepted. See the Must Know page for more information.

We invite you to look into the opportunities that await you at Cornerstone Programs, and discover which service area calls to you. Then read carefully the Must Know page, and then the Volunteer Application page.

We look forward to meeting you!