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This little corner of space and time is devoted to an organized network of peace website links, along with interactive articles, updated events, and forums to be maintained by many people around the world.

Every Little Thought Does Count

What we say and how we think (our attitude) makes a difference on the peacefulness of the world. Once a word is said, it cannot be unsaid. And once a thought is created it begins to run its course.

No matter how many conflicting things are going on in the world around us, if we choose to believe that all things are as they should be at all times, we will come to know the universal laws of peace and understanding.

Life is too short to throw stones, to live defensively, to waste it in fear.

There are many people around the globe who spend their time making the world a better place in which to live. They are homemakers, children, laborers, executives, and retirees. They are from all economic levels and geographic areas.

We gather together here to honor these people and their efforts, to gain a broader and universal understanding of a world in peace, and to join them in the honorable work of promoting peace, of establishing a world of peace.

We all have something special to offer. Every one of us has worthy ideas. And we all have the choice of acting in ways that do not hurt others, realizing that others are just like us, and even wanting to do those things that are inspiring, respectful, and meaningful.

There is strength in unity.

All things are possible.


Positions Open

Type of Positions:

All of the topics on the left are in need of thorough internet research in order to put the information about each topic in a section on this website. The main objective is to determine which sites have the best content concerning the topic chosen and then develop a descriptive list to tell the viewer what to expect on each of those sites, write articles about this topic, update events, and develop forums to interact with viewers concerning this topic in order to help establish
a world of peace.

Who might want to apply:

Peace Instructors
Peace Studies Students
Human Rights Advocates
Conflict Resolution Workers
Community Workers
Religious Workers
Media Specialists
Peaceful People

Peaceful Ways
Computer Access
Surf & Search Skills
Web Design Program
Conceptual Understanding
This is a work at home
nonpaid position.

Copy the following information
into an email and then
fill in your personal info.

1. Name
2. Email
3. Address
4. Education
5. Work Experience
6. Reason for Volunteering
7. Choose a Topic
8. Why this Topic

Send application to, or for more information contact

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