Natural Healing Program

A Three-Week Health & Environment Course

Mayan Spiritual Healer
Maria Garcia
Introduction:  Health and healing takes many forms.  The art and wisdom of using the natural resources of one’s own environment along with an inner guidance derived from adhering to the universal laws is practiced among indigenous peoples throughout the world.  This program takes place in the Central American Rainforest, just north of Belize’s Maya Mountains, 10 miles from Guatemala, and 80 miles west of the Caribbean Sea.

Description: Explore the environment of the Belizean Rainforest, receiving an introduction to its healing resources.  Visit the natural healers of the Rainforest.  Listen to their wisdom and observe their ways. Study the role natural healing plays in the culture.

Volunteer Interns include those who come strictly for the experience.  No school affiliation is necessary.   All Volunteer Interns receive a Certificate of Achievement. Some Volunteer Interns are also students.  Suggested Student Credit Hours:  3 to 5 (120 to 150 actual hours).

Objectives: Volunteer Interns identify methods used by traditional healing practitioners of western Belize, observing how they mesh on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.  Volunteer Interns determine the role natural healing plays within the culture here and compare it to the role it plays in their own culture, identifying with the need to respect and preserve both natural resources and the wisdom of those who have spent a lifetime learning their healing properties.
Participate in two-hour Spanish classes three times per week (18 hours total during three week program).

It is suggested that Natural Healing participants read and bring with them a book titled Rainforest Home Remedies by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein, copyright 2001. This book credits some of the natural healers which participants will be working with during the program.

All participants should study the Things To Know page (you will be expected to know everything on this page) and determine their Schedule before submitting their Application