Caving in Belize, Central America


Inside Chiquibul
National Geographic photograph’s Central America’s longest cave located in Western Belize.

Cayo has Caves!  

Belizeans joke that on every property there’s a cave, and in every cave there are Maya artifacts.  Caves are inextricably bound up with the history of Belize….   Caves were used as ceremonial sites by the Maya, and evidence of their activities can often be found… This webpage includes a listing of Cayo Area Caves and what they are known for.

Western Belize Regional Cave Project For all of the history of the Maya, and indeed of Mesoamerica, caves have played a central role in religion and mythology. Caves were, and are still, viewed as the homes of many of their gods, including Chak, god of rain, and Ix Chel, goddess of the moon and fertility. Caves were also the entrance to Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Because they were so important, the Maya performed many rituals inside of them.   This team of researchers are studying the archaeological remains of these rituals. This year they will be mapping and excavating several caves in the Belize Valley, as well as scouting out newly discovered caves. This site is designed for archaeological students, but contains information and photographs of interest to anyone visiting Belize. “Indiana Jones” Adventure Most of the Cayo sits atop vast limestone deposits, which have produced quite a collection of caves. Some are dry caves in the hills, others have rivers flowing through them. The cave of Che Chem Hah, located a few miles south of Benque Viejo del Carmen, was recently stumbled upon by two villagers while following their dog, who was giving chase to a gibnut. They found the entrance to a large cave system used by the ancient Maya, and…

The Caves of Cayo
The hundreds of caves found throughout Cayo have been shrouded by mystery and superstition since modern man first peeked into a cave entrance to find skeletons, broken vessels and remnants of habitation…

Barton Creek Cave
Float under stalagtites, see ancient skeletons and pottery and prepare to be awstruck by cathedral-like caverns. Marvel at the 5 million year old crystalline structures over 50 feet in length…

Caving & Jungle Expeditions
Caves Branch Adventure Expeditions: The “River of Caves”, Cave Tubing, River Cave Expedition, Waterfall Cave Expedition, Mayan Ceremonial Cave Expedition, Overnight Caving Expeditions, and many more.